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Ben lost 25 kilos and feels better then ever

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Cobia accumulated a lot of weight after the birth of her first child

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Mum Catelynn's Stunning 20kg Weight Loss Changed Her Life


I heard about My Lifestyle Fix from my dental hygienist and decided to check it out. I took a week to thoroughly read the guide. I was ready to go! Total for the 28 days is 3.8 kilos! I feel so incredibly amazing that I continue using the guide! Woo hoo!!

Marlenca G Carlis

I have tried countless diets over the years and this guide has finally done the trick. I very rarely write reviews but felt I needed to talk about this diet. I lost 4,5 kilos over the 8 weeks, but didn't have loads to lose, so was happy with this.

Mirra Belle
I was having problems with menopause and had gained weight around my middle overnight!! After using this guide for only 2 weeks I have noticed quite a difference and am very pleased.
T. Hunter
So far I'm impressed by the level of information in this guide and what I feel I have learned from it. I'm very optimistic and feel I have a good structured plan to follow based on real food, good science and the right type of exercise at the right time.
Diane Swift
This is an amazing guide. I hate diets, they never work or if they do you pile it all back on again afterwards. I never felt hungry, the food was good. I lost 9.1kg in the 8 weeks of the diet, took a 2 month break over the summer and binged and only gained 2KG back. My sister in law and friend are now joining it and losing the similar amounts.
Kellie Kiernan

George feels fitter now than he felt at 18


Kendra had just turned 70 and did not want to face growing older coupled with reduced mobility

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Daisy lost 1 kilo per week consistently and 12 weeks later she reached her goal

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Losing 19 kilo has given Wendy so much more energy and her health back.

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Honora is excited to maintain this new lifestyle for her upcoming honeymoon and beyond!

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