Our story

My Lifestyle Fix was established in 2014. We first started with one-on-one coaching and gained a lot of experience. As our lifestyle coaches and personal trainers kept booking great results with the approach we used, we decided to make a change. We wanted to help more and more people.

This has resulted in the My Lifestyle Guide. A program that is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, lose weight and maintain weight with healthy and delicious food!

We have noticed a number of things through our experiences. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss works the same for everyone. To lose weight, you need to eat just a little less than your daily calorie requirement and to maintain your weight you can simply eat the number of calories your body needs daily. In addition, it is important that you get the right ratio of all important nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers).

Something we have noticed a lot is that many people have already tried many diets. But where and why does it go wrong every time?

Many people have no idea how many calories they can eat in a day. The people who know find it difficult to create a menu that is tasty and contains the right number of calories (and nutrients).

And that is exactly what the My Lifestyle Guide helps you with!

We help you understand how many calories you can eat to lose weight or maintain weight.

You will receive a delicious and healthy sample weekly menu from us every week for 8 weeks. This also includes tasty and healthy recipes, shopping lists and other tips & tricks!

Do you have a question? Ask one of our experts, we are happy to help you!



Your jumpstart to a Healthy Lifestyle