Honora is excited to maintain this new lifestyle for her upcoming honeymoon and beyond!

I realised I needed to change my lifestyle when I saw a photo of myself at my cousin’s wedding. I was shocked at how much I had let myself go. I was overweight and feeling tired and lazy all the time. Plus I had my own wedding coming up in less than a year!

My grandmother was using the My Lifestyle Guide and was always telling me how lovely it was and what great variety there was. With the help of the My Lifestyle Guide, I have found my love for healthy eating and exercise again! The ease of this program is what keeps me going. I used to hate going to the gym after work because I didn’t want to be cooking and eating late at night. Now I love evening gym classes as I know my dinner is less than 8 minutes away when I get home.

I lost 17 kilos just in time for my wedding!

Most of it came off in the first few months and it was so nice to look and feel great on my big day.

My favourite part of this program has to be the lunches though. Gone are the days where I was “too busy” to get my lunch organised each day. Now I have healthy and delicious lunches every day, and the best part is that I keep losing weight.

I’m excited to maintain this new lifestyle for my upcoming honeymoon and beyond!

My Lifestyle Guide

Our new guide is perfect for vegetarians, carb-lovers, meat-lovers, non-cooks, folks who go gluten-free, and everyone in between.

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