Ben lost 25 kilos and feels better then ever

Ben Westbrook spent three years sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day, and incorporating very little activity in his daily routine. He found himself struggling, sweating, and out of breath when he walked up semi-steep streets, his legs burned when he climbed subway stairs, and started sweating profusely when walking any extended amount. He was close to the heaviest he´s ever weighed, his clothes were tight or didn't fit. Most importantly, his self-confidence was heavily impacted. Ben knew that he had to do something.

"I used to go five to six days a week and didn't lose a single pound, and I found it kind of pointless to join a gym and workout on my own when I've already tried that with no results. I was really hesitant to just go to a gym every day and do my own thing."

"I saw My Lifestyle Fix´s ad on Facebook. Not using any supplements and just eat good and healthy food really stuck out to me. I tried a lot of other programs where supplements where a ´must´ and the results didn´t last a long time. When I started to use the My Lifestyle Guide it felt a normal way of becoming healthier. A way that I could live with forever.

What Changes have you seen in yourself since started using the My Lifestyle Guide?

"Since I I started using the guide, I've lost around 25 kilos over six months. Body image has become much less of an issue, and I am no longer out of breath when I do daily tasks. During the first month or two, it almost felt like I was wearing a weight suit that I couldn't remove. That's not an issue anymore. When I used to go to the gym five to six days a week, I dreaded it (even though I went). Now I'm kind of bummed when I have to miss."

What sets the My Lifestyle Fix approach apart for the rest of the pack?

"It’s really easy to keep using the guide. It feels like a sustainable way of life. The guide has become my bible. I´ve tried a lot of diets and programs but instead of dieting now, I just eat a certain way. I can now truly enjoy my food. The weight was dropping and I´m never feeling hungry. Just remember that slow, easy and sustainable wins the race.

My Lifestyle Guide

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